Thursday, August 12, 2010

Wrestling Python for a week

I have spent some of my free time wrestling with Python in the last 7 days. By Python, I mean the programming language and not the reptile...I am NOT Steve Irwin. :-)

I have been reading about Python for a few years and finally got the chance to sit down and work on a program. It is going very well. Python is a multi-platform language available from The .NET variant, IronPython, can be used to automate AutoCAD. There is also a Java version, Jython.

There are some code editors that work very well with Python. I have opted for Notepad++ which is a Notepad replacement for Windows and Gedit for Linux. Both text editors have color coding support for Python and I test from a command line (Terminal) window.

Once my project is moving along, I will post about it.

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